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1. Buyer ussued Letter of Intent (LOI) address to ROB Group Ltd, LOI must includit:
    - Product: full name.
    - Quantity: monthly quantity and early quantity.
    - Delivery terms: CIF delivery port or FOB loading port.
    - Payment terms: Country and name Buyers bank, currency.
    - Buyer's information: Company profile.
2. Seller will send FCO to Buyer.
3. Buyer must sign Seller's FCO and send back to Seller to 2 workings days.
4. Seller send to Buyer draft contract for discuss to 2 working days.
5. After discuss botch side sign end contract.

LOI must do be of Company form with stamp and signature address via corporate email to:
(not via or or from different)
    ROB Group Ltd.
    Trade desk
If the LOI is from the Mandate he must attached and a Power of Attorney from the Buyer.
In case of deviation from the procedure, the documents will not be considered.
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