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In 1992 was register YY Co. The company trade with Petroleum products: base oil and graphite electrodes. Our business partners are: Rezanskij NPZ-Russia; Refinery Bratislava-Slovakia; BIMAS-Ruse, Bulgaria, OOD Stomana Pernik-Bulgaria.

In 1994 was register Bulgarian-Russian Company "Uralelektrod" Ltd. The company trade with graphite electrodes and oil green coke. Our business partners are: Atairao NPZ-Kazakhstan, Ukraine factory for graphite elektrodes and Turkish factory.

Company YY Co. and Uralelektrod Ltd are closed and in 2010 was register new offshore Company ROB Oil Corporation for trade with Petroleum products: D2, NBLCO and with LNG. ROB Group Corporation received accreditation in Rosneft-Russia with accr. 21200 for trade with Diesel Fuel, Crude Oil, Mazut and LNG.

In 2016 was register ROB Group Ltd. in Europe with the same activity as ROB Oil Corporation: trade with Petroleum products and GAS.

We have our representatives in Moscow-Russia and Jakarta-Indonesia.
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